McCoy Gull Wing Fin


The Gull Wing Original

This fin gives amazing holding and driving capabilities; the forward knuckle at the front gives extra hold and drive.

Tested in all wave sizes and conditions with out standing results! The Surfboard Agency have worked with Geoff to offer the Original Gull Wing Fin with the Astron Zot Model inclusive for 2015.

The Astron Zot includes a 10” box which allows removal of fin from the box and movement laterally when fin is in the box. Having these capabilities gives the board a greater range of performance options.

Geoff’s recommended starting position for the Original Gull Wing Fin:

Start out by placing the back of the base of the fin 7 1/4” or 18.50cm from the back of the board (tail)

Depending on the feeling with the fin in that position, you may need to move the fin forward or back in 1/2” or 10mm gradients to achieve the feeling you want

By moving fin forward
It will decrease drive and increase the manoeuvrability
By moving fin back
It will increase drive and stiffen manoeuvrability

If riding the board in waves over 5’, it may be necessary to push the fin back even as far as the back of the box, this gives the board better hold, drive and control in the larger waves.

Gull Wing and other long tip short base fin designs.
Concept to get the drive factor down in the water not at the base of the fin but in the tip area.

This enables the plan shape of the fin to remain narrow over all but still retaining good area in the tip.

There are many advantages in using these designs by reducing base area it allows the fin to turn quicker because the area has been reduced it also takes the need for the board to run longer arcs allowing quicker shorter turns, so by moving the base area of the fin up into the tip area by extending the length of the tip of the fin you get the length and area to drive off with greater affect as it is deeper in the water giving the pendulum effect while still retaining the narrow plan shape which gives less drag, especially in hollow waves as there is less effect on the narrower plan shape as the water spirals around your board in the hollower more critical parts of the wave with great intensity, because of this the board can surf deeper in tubes while still allowing the surfer to be in control the board.