Double Ender

“First designed in 1968.

A very versatile design perfectly balanced in plan shape and thickness distribution.
Can be relied on to do the job in a wide range of surf conditions.
This design is for the surfer who choose to surf smooth flowing arcs in harmony with the waves energy.”


“The plan shape is still the same, but bottom rocker and thickness have been changed. On the bottom rocker, there has been a slight amount of nose rocker added, but planning area and tail rocker are still the same.

The thickness has been more evenly distributed giving the board even more balance from nose to tail. These subtle changes have improved all round performance and increased the size range of the design from 6’ 6” to 7’ 6” which now opens the design up to a much wider range of surfers and body size.

The design is capable of riding a wide range of wave from 1’ to 10’.”

Geoff McCoy

5’11 20 1/2
2 5/8 38
6’1 20 3/4 2 11/16 40
6’4 21 2 3/4 44
6’8 21 1/4 2 3/4 47
7’0 21 1/2 2 7/8 52


FCS II Accelerator


  • Speed 75%
  • Drive 75%
  • Release 75%


Available in XF Technology & Traditional PU:  Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; The XF technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fiberglass cloth and Epoxy resin.

The Surfboard Agency XF Technology