Emery Surfboards

Black Angel II

The modern shortboard. Smooth outline gives you good drive in the pocket. Combining a deep single concave with a gradual nose entry and medium tail kick gives it a heap of speed with the option of releasing the tail.

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Wedge Tail

Taking inspiration from the 80’s but keeping with our design theories of performance, the Wedge Tail will have you flying down the line.

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Press Play

This board is built for fun. Ride it super small for a performance twist or ride similar size to your shorty for an easy riding summer board, your choice.

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Alan Emery grew up surfing the famed right point of Lennox Head and the surrounding epic waves of the Northern NSW area, Australia. Any spare time that Al had out of the water as a grommet was spent learning all aspects of shaping, design and the production process within the Surfboard Industry. This coupled with the vast amount of Australasian Pro Junior, WQS and CT surfers riding Al’s boards, has helped Alan refine his shapes, contours and rockers to an extremely high level producing boards that are suitable for all levels of surfing and wave types. Al’s passion for surfing & surfboards is shown through his constant motivation to improve on designs not only for himself but also for his team and customers. This along with the dedication & drive that is put into the quality shapes and design innovation has made Emery Surfboards a significant force within the Surfboard Industry. The Surfboard Industry consumes Al’s life, by literally living & breathing every moment of it. When he’s not in the lab working with new materials, designs and process he’s out there surfing with his team and mates.