A Letter to Geoff

A Letter to Geoff

Below is an email to Geoff McCoy from a friend who recently returned from Indo and rode an XF Nugget:

“Dear Geoff,

just back from Indo, West Java, great place, great waves, zero people in the water at many places.

6-8 foot on the first day, on the 6’8 single gun which was smooth and fast and really came alive when I was back foot over the fin.

I used the 5’11 in small river mouth breaks, then moved on to 3-5 foot right handers (backhand) then to another 3-5 foot reef break left handers, jacky take off, fast and barrelling sections.

I felt the board was super. I did not mess up one single take off, she was solid on the backhand, and very manoeuvrable, free flowing in all conditions.

Back dooring one barrel section, one of the guys remarked how fast the board must have been as he thought I had no chance of making it.

Strength wise, not one single compression, although I snapped all the FCS fins (The older style), one on a branch, once touching the reef, and once during a top turn.

I will go for the new design next which looks very solid.

Any way, really great, super quick light.

I have included a couple of pics as well.

I saw the new Astron Zots on the site, look really nice



McCoy Nugget IN XF Indo

McCoy Nugget XF in Indo